CHRO as a service

Building Leadership & Succession to have the right leadership talent in their marketplace

An annual phenomenon to take stock of talent index, identify and prepare leaders to succeed in their current role and prepare them for the next role. We help companies in this process to identify talent gaps, build from within and externally, through annual assessment, coaching, opportunities for experiential learning, thought leadership, etc. We track their performance and bring interventions for course correction.

Performance & Potential partner with leadership in finding key players to nurture and retain them

Help in annual assessments for all levels to measure performance & potential, take up higher roles in future. We help companies to identify employee potential, create plans for nurturing high potentials, fast trackers, individuals and managers to create development plans that will help to plan their learning journey and prepare them to fully utilize their potential. In essence creating a leadership pipeline that can withstand the highs and lows.

Creating Learning & Development Programs – develop programs and create a learning culture

We help co-create an annual L&D plan to meet business demands. Develop and run learning programs for all levels in the organization, first time managers, manager’s manager, business leaders and enterprise leaders. We specialize in running institutionalized programs with a long-term perspective especially for those moving to higher roles.

Org Design and Effectiveness initiatives leadership expect a CHRO to support their business agenda.

A strategic role that all CHRO’s are expected to do considering the disruptive business changes and demands. Our understanding of business, industry, culture, talent, capacity and capability in an organization helps in creating the right design and navigate cultural change, transformation journey, mergers & acquisitions and growth initiatives.

Digitization & Delivery support digitized delivery of people services that can be virtually delivered

In the current Work From Home situation, more and more HR services will be delivered digitally. We help digitize HR services as a means to help work from home, bring efficiency and create a positive employee experience. We can help in creating a platform within the company or bring a service customized to process needs of the company.

Compensation & Benefits framework benchmark to pay right, attract, engage & retain

We work with leading compensation benchmarking firms to compare with your competition and benchmark that is industry specific and develop smart policies to ‘pay right’ which helps to attract and retain. It covers salary, incentives, retention, stock options etc.

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