Learning Organization

Our focus is to help organizations build capability and capacity.

While we have programs that are based on specific organizational needs we specialize in partnering with the learning organization in creating their learning agenda, identify development areas for annual learning programs, customize for high potentials, fast trackers, successors in key roles, help build leadership pipeline, nurture talent in critical roles.

We can deliver through a digital platform, corporate classroom, offsite location or in a work location based on client needs.

Institutionalized Leadership Learning Programs
  • Individual Contributors - they are typically in their early careers and need help in preparing them to take managerial roles as first-time managers. We develop few kick starter programs that is required for those who are early in their career.
  • First Time Managers - an institutionalized 8-month program for those high potentials and heavy lifters. The programs that are specific to their development areas required as a standard and it can be customized to the company’s value system.
  • Manager’s Manager - it extends between 8-12-month programs that combines, leadership lessons, experiential learning, preparation for next role focusing on building capability and capacity to play leadership roles in the current and future roles.
  • Business Leader – it is a combination of 12-month program that is managed by us and based on client needs we add a master’s degree or certification in specialized areas to augment their learning from content, intellect and exposure to external world.
  • Enterprise Leader – there is not much of classroom, but depending on the intervention it will be, business interventions and games, peer learning facilitations, industry interventions, new idea or business plan generation and deliberation, thought leadership internally and externally, etc.
Calendar based Programs for all

We study the audience and apply best content and methodology that will be right and have the right facilitator to manage the delivery.

They are typically 1-3-day programs. Few are listed :

  • Leading High-Performance Teams
  • Essentials of Leadership
  • Conflict Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Executive Presence
  • Leading Change
  • Coaching for success
  • Women in Leadership
  • and more….........
  • Movie Reviews
  • Business Simulation
  • Business Idea Reviews
  • Business Games
  • Experiential Learning
  • Leadership Workshops
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