Life & Leadership Coaching

Our coaches are seasoned, global in experience, intellectual in thought process and experts in ‘helping people evolve’

Coaching Individuals - 1:1 with individual sessions on 3P’s

Our 3P approach, Professional, Personal and Physical (wellbeing) focus on all three in an individual to become a successful leader.

We specialize in this approach and it has given outstanding results to an individual. It is essentially helping individuals to fire from all cylinders and ensure that all 3P’s are supporting them in their life & leadership journey.

It is programmed into 8 sessions, with the first session on self-discovery, self-awareness and followed by setting the purpose and goals for the individual by helping them leverage their natural gifts and talents.

We coach CEO’s, SVP’s, VP’S, mid-level business leaders, first time managers, in India and globally. We understand the multicultural challenges and business demands that presents itself in a global environment.

Coaching Teams – smaller teams or a business group

While 1:1 coaching for leadership will address their individual development, growth, and progress in their career it is also important that a team or group needs a cohesive coaching which is focused on achieving team goals and group goals.

There is tremendous benefit when everyone has their ‘shoulder to the wheel’.

Few focus areas are :

  • Growing leadership behavior and effectiveness in a group
  • Group dynamics and behavior
  • Fine tuning competencies / helping transitions / hand hold trailers
  • Goal setting, measures and metrics as a team / group
  • Peer reviews to compliment understanding, cohesion, collaboration within the teams
  • Stakeholder review, feedback and commitment as part of the process
  • Communication, knowledge sharing, conflict resolution, perception management

The sessions are typically face to face as a group or virtually based on the need and availability.

It will be a 6-12 months process, with intermittent check-ins, review, feedback and course correction sessions.

We offer two complimentary sessions to ‘try buy’.
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