Organization Development & Effectiveness

Growth, Transformation Journey, Mergers & Acquisitions

When organization is going through growth or transformation, often CEO and leadership are focused on the hard numbers and business prerogatives. People make the difference in success and failure in this journey and it often gets ignored. We help organizations to manage the people dimension. We bring our expertise to:

  • Create a framework that aligns with growth goals of the organization
  • Help with people agenda in transformation
  • Design right interventions that help a successful Merger & Acquisition agenda early in the process
  • Create right people strategies by working with teams in deploying right strategies and methodologies

It’s a partnering and participative process with leadership team and key players in the organization to make it successful.

Culture & Change Management - Culture can eat strategy for breakfast

It is so true. Mostly in situations like change in business models, diversification, expansion, new leadership team, there is a need to adopt to new environments that people must be ready, accept and embrace when it presents itself. We bring our expertise in:

  • Creating relevant culture that reflects desired behaviours across the organization through interventions
  • Help define the right mindset, acceptance and ownership to make the change possible at all levels
  • The interventions include proven cultural assessment methods, sensitizing programs
  • Change management methodologies, creating champions of change, sustainability and measurements that enables the change
Development & Efficiency - in people, process and policy

Opportunities for development and efficiency in an organisation is a continuous process in the current competitive landscape. We could partner in making it successful:

  • Drive leadership agenda in productivity and efficiency improvement
  • Leadership changes & organizational restructuring, downsizing and right sizing efforts
  • Innovation and improvement initiatives, change in line of business, expansion and diversification programs
  • Technology change or enhancement efforts to address competition and marketplace
  • Branding and positioning organization, companywide employee communication and engagement efforts
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