Leadership Development

Our offerings in Leadership Development

  • First Time Managers

    They are typically the first line that plays a supervisory role with people reporting to them. Moving from individual contributor to managing a team.  
    We do an institutionalized 8-month long learning program that is based on 70-20-10 principle to prepare young managers get a holistic view on functional, behavioural and management exposure through tools and techniques that will help them perform their role better. The 70 – is what they learn on the job, 20- through individual coaching and 10- in the classroom.  

  • Manager’s Manager

    In this role typically first-time managers report into this position. It’s a role that could manage a large team or teams with FTM’s managing the extended teams.  
    Our customized program focusses on preparing them to become a business leader considering they manage multiple teams or large teams evolving to become a business leader. It involves an 8-12-month period that includes classroom, on the job, industry exposure and thought leadership. In this program they get introduced and trained to be a successful business leader for the future.

  • Business Manager

    The first step in managing a P&L role where they are expected to manage budgets, revenues, cost, profitability and hold a significant position in driving a product, service, region or geographies by positioning, selling and driving presence.  
    The business leadership program is an 8-12-month period program that involves few classrooms, on the job situations, business concepts, team management, industry exposure and thought leadership. In this program we focus on preparing them to become a successful business leader and prepare for the enterprise wide role.

  • Enterprise Leader

    Leaders are expected to create the vision for their business and drive agenda across the organization.  
    We follow a mix of 1:1 Coaching, strategic interventions, executive development programs, helping C suite transitions, prepare for cross border movement, manage role change, shadow them, etc. The preparation will enable them to manage the enterprise and eventually become head of corporation.

Creating the right leadership bandwidth enables an organization to growth and sustain. The make or break of an organization depends on the quality and quantity of leaders at all levels of the business and it makes a differentiation in the marketplace.